4 Month Challenge Batch 2

Most of you have lost money trying to make a living out of crypto.

You tried several groups but in the end still learned nothing except for some basics within the retail trading concepts and it didn’t work out.

You are lost, feeling hopeless and financially depressed.

Many of you might even consider leaving crypto and might even think it is a scam and you can never make it.

Well, here’s the problem, majority of the groups in Pakistan are stealing contents online to make a livelihood out of crypto but in return they don’t provide you the value that you really need.

Crypto is a part of a financial markets and financial markets are totally and completely controlled and manipulated. They don’t realise it yet. Making money in crypto is not about taking a future trade on 20x and trying your luck based on some basic indicators or technical analysis. That is purely basic, just like a kid who goes to 1st grade in school. You must keep improving and understand how the entire market works and who controls it.

Remember that the financial markets are not created for retail - Retail means people who are not professional, certified or working either for banks or hedge funds.

Financial markets are created to rob the reatail investors unless you master the art of trading by following the foot steps of the bankers, hedge funds, investment pools and professional traders. None of them trade crypto like you, none of them use 100 indicators and draw 100 charts on tradingview, this simply does not work.

This is why I have started a 4 month challenge to help you learn what I learned through my 14 years of life in the stock markets, crypto & by studying the global financial system.

This is what you will be taught;

  1. Understanding of the entire crypto market in terms of it’s mechanism, functions and how it works.
  2. Understand the institutional approach to trading with examples and live sessions
  3. Understand the difference between retail and professional traders
  4. Master the art of creating signals and stay ahead of the curve in terms of market trends, price suppression and time extensions.
  5. You will understand how to manage your risks just like the banks and the hedge funds - we call it predetermined risk.
  6. The best time to invest, take profit and build portfolios.
  7. Taking advantage of the crypto market cycle which is divided into bull run and a bear market.
  8. You will also learn how to track major players in the markets and see exactly what they are trading and how they manage their trades.

This 4 month challenge is going to totally change your entire perspective on crypto trading and financial markets as a whole. Take the chance and experience brilliance, precision and professionalism for the first time.

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