My vision has always been to pay it forward and I firmly believe that a great way of doing so, is by paying it forward with knowledge. The goal in mind has always been to help create self sufficient traders within a well-founded community. I've spent several years sharing my trade and longer term investment ideas on various social media platforms. I took a leap of faith in 2021 and decided to leave my career in the Energy Marketing and Trading industry as a Power Marketer, to mentor. The mentorship program provides in-depth knowledge and insight on many aspects of the market. This includes sector rotations and seasonality, macros and market events, sentiment, price action, and technical analysis. Another important aspect of trading is understanding how to measure risk and reward, which is something I focus greatly on using various techniques. The mentorship program is uniquely designed to cater to all learners, with varying experiences in the markets. The key to success in the program is also linked to the amount of time, effort, and engagement the member is willing to dedicate to learning and advancing as a trader. Izzy has created a custom schedule for each day of the week, in order to keep the room structured and consistent. The features included in the mentorship program are the following:

  • Daily Premarket notes (and one a week livestream during PM), which includes preparing for the day ahead, analyzing the overall market sentiment, major events and news updates, key sectors to watch, and potential trades for the day.
  • Live intraday real-time squawk, providing in depth analysis, market updates and live support.
  • Daily market scans
    • Wednesday after-hours discussion and overview of the day with Q&A
    • Self-Sufficient Sessions in order to challenge traders in the room to engage. Izzy overlooks the trading day and observes while providing feedback later in the session. Example: Self-Sufficient Session Overview
  • Sunday Weekly recap and prep video
  • Weekly Market Report - Izzy dedicates her Sunday's to writing up a very detail report on the market which includes a weekly overview, outlook for the week ahead, sectors on radar, overall sentiment of the market, scheduled events and earnings, charts, and a weekly watchlist.
  • Sunday Futures Open Insight
  • Advanced Bot which includes flow from Option Flow/Sweeps, Charts provided by TradingView, Finviz, and StockCharts, Price Alerts, Heatmaps, Dark Pool, Block Buys, Analyst Upgrades, Stock Breakouts, Crypto, and much more.
  • Excel tools to utilize Izzy's strategies.

Izzy is supported by veteran traders such as Sandman, Markets & Mayhem, Vex Trades, and more. Sandman is an active contributor, live-streaming intraday, providing his market insight and trade ideas. He is primarily a volume and momentum trader which creates a nice balance in the room. Markets & Mayhem is a macro and technical trader, who occasionally provides his valuable insight to the community. Vex is a swing trader, primarily focused on TA and often shares his plays he is looking for. Over the past 9 months since launch, Ms Izzy has been able to successfully create self-sufficient traders who are now also great contributors to the community.

Upon registering for the mentorship service, you will be required to follow the steps provided in your email via LaunchPass. You will receive an email, providing you with the link to access the Discord server, in addition to your Activation Code. Once you have joined the server, you will need to message the LaunchPass Bot your activation code, in order to gain access to all of the premium channels in the server. If you are having any issues, please watch the video below that shows you step-by-step process on how to join and gain access. If you have any questions or concerns, such as not receiving your email, please send an email to **[email protected]**. The link to the Discord Server is provided below just in case.

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