My vision has always been to pay it forward and I firmly believe that a great way of doing so, is by paying it forward with knowledge. The goal in mind has always been to help create self sufficient traders within a well-founded community. I've spent several years sharing my ideas and technical analysis on various platforms such as Twitter and Benzinga Pro Chat. One of the toughest toughest obstacles I've had to overcome in trading, was defeating my own mind, which is why I firmly believe that the right mindset, makes money.

I consider myself to be an educator first and a trader second, as my passion for helping others is far more rewarding. The mentorship program provides further help and understanding of technical analysis, as well as market sentiment. The content and tools provided in the mentorship program include the following:

  • Premarket livestreams which include preparing for the day ahead, with Q&A, watchlist overview, news updates, etc.
  • Intraday squawk during trading sessions, providing in depth technical analysis as well as market updates
  • Intraday Q&A and guidance via squawk
  • After-hours discussion and overview of the day
  • Weekly recap video
  • Pre-recorded watchlists
  • Sunday Futures open with weekly prep
  • Advanced bot which includes flow from TRADYTICS, tradingview and finviz charts, price alerts, heatmaps and more
  • Added educational content


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