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This platform is a place where you can connect with other investors and traders. Expand your knowledge and understand investing in the stock market and option trading, at different levels of: beginner, intermediate and pro. Get access to successful stocks and options.


- Real-Time Option Trading

- Crypto talk & trading

- Entire Stock portfolio shown

- Go-to stocks

- Answer any/all questions

- Community finance discussions

- Learn Stock terms

- Market updates & alerts

- Daily useful content

A community driven platform where subscribers converse as often as they want. We discuss stocks and get each others opinions. The platform is derived of many people constantly sharing knowledge, ideas and motivational content stock market and finance driven. We educate and help each other grow. We communicate throughout the day with stock market, options trading info and updates!!

The level of investing experience necessary:

Beginner to pro. All levels welcome, there will be different channels for each level. Stock portfolio, options, motivation, alerts, etc will be for everyone.

Options Trading

-WEEKLY LIVE TRADING STREAMS - we will be doing multiple live trading events every week and this is where its really at! You don’t want to miss these weekly live streams and get a chance to see his screen and get market updates and live trades second by second in real time as the Stock market is open.

-OPTION ALERTS- Buy, hold, and sell alerts! From Blue chips to Small caps we trade it all in the options world!

Options are new to a lot of people and this is going to be a great place for options traders of all levels to find a home. Don’t be scared, there is around the clock support for you in chat from our team members to take all of your questions and help you reach your full trading potential

-DAY & SWING TRADERS- Traders of all types! We have multiple Traders on the team to serve all styles! Maybe you have been interested in day trading options on the major indexes like -$SPY- before work every morning?

Maybe you want to learn to swing trading strategies to suit your work/lifestyle whatever it is there is a style for you


Daily price targets and options scalping brought to you by our team member and lead ETF day trader “THE PROFESSOR” (Aaron)

Daily entries and price targets on the major indexes/(ETFS) like $SPY- Don’t know if you should buy a call or a put? He’s got you covered every single day! Don’t know if you should take profits or not when day trading? We got you covered with easy to follow entries and exits daily.


We have a team member dedicated to charts and TA, he will personally look over multiple chart request per day and he also shares many important charts and technicals throughout the week you do not want to miss! Get around the clock chart support and ask any questions to help you better understand the world of technical analysis and charting!

-MANY MORE FEATURES TO COME- I want to build an amazing community and continue to build an amazing team for traders or all levels! There is going to be so much more to announce going forward and so many more amazing tools coming soon, I DONT want you to miss out so see you there!

Can't wait to see you in our community. Join now!

* Cancel at any time. No gimmicks, no contracts, no hidden fees. Given the information and sensitivity of the information on the discord, we have a no refund policy*

Disclaimer: Any and all conversations within this platform are not certified financial advice. We accept no liability for any direct or consequential loss acquired from any use of information from us and this platform. The reader bears any and all responsibility for his/her own investments, research and decisions. By joining and entering this platform, you are agreeing to terminate all liability and losses towards this platform. This platforms and the activities within it, may be using for marketing purposes as we see fit. You are confirming you acknowledge and understand the terms of this disclaimer. Invest at your own risk.

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