Battleship Group Mentoring

Breaking Into Cybersecurity!

Let's work together to bring down the barriers to enter cybersecurity. 🙌

  • Create lasting friendships and learn from your peers
  • Explore and learn about the various paths in infosec
  • Grow your knowledge
  • Network like a beast and find your big break in cybersecurity
  • Get direct access to industry leaders

This is a Discord community and includes chat, voice, and video - accessible from any desktop, smartphone or tablet device.

You will get access to:

  • A small working group of 20 people or less, led by a dedicated group mentor
  • Trivia night (with swag giveaways!) on Mondays at 9pm EST
  • Topic of the week every Wednesday at 12pm EST (Topics are on a rotating 12-week schedule)
  • Path of the week every Saturday at 5pm EST (topics are on a rotating 4-week schedule)

Example Topics of the Week:

  • Understanding cybersecurity job roles and navigating the community
  • OSINT your job search
  • Reverse engineer job descriptions
  • Write a killer resume

Paths of the Week:

  • New grad to cybersecurity
  • Non-IT background to cybersecurity
  • Software developer to cybersecurity
  • Help desk/other IT support role to cybersecurity

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  3. Activate your account by submitting that code to the LaunchPass bot.

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_In the server, select users are given the ability to enforce rules by restricting users' permissions and/or the licenses granted. _Terms of Service_ can be found on our __website __in addition to our _Privacy Policy

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