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We have once again decided to provide an opportunity to our members as well as the non-members to take advantage of our trading indicator that provides auto buy and sell signals with an accuracy between 85-90% since its launch. This indicator is worth $100 if it is to be bought separately along with our trading course which costs $50 as a one-time payment for lifetime access.

What have we done to make it worth the investment?

We are willing to provide access to our discord + indicator + course for just $20 a month, this way it will be way cheaper and more affordable for everyone who would like to join.

This means that instead of paying $100 for indicator, $50 for the course, and $20 for discord you will now have the opportunity to save $150 and get all in one package for just $20 per month.

We will keep this offer running for a few months, those who take advantage of it will have the pleasure of enjoying its fits for as long as they stay in the group because at one point this offer will be expired and the indicator + course will no longer be given as a bonus to our $20 discord group.

Happy Trading.

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$20.00 USD per month (automatic recurring payments)
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