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What: BoneChat is a mastermind group for ortho industry leaders in finance, sales, marketing, R&D, quality, regulatory, clinical, suppliers, consultants, job seekers, service providers, and investors. It's always on your cell phone.

Why: You will be able to access experts, get valuable insights, and exclusive resources to advance your career or business.

Additionally, BoneChat is a safe place to communicate outside of your employer and outside of LinkedIn. If you like, you can be anonymous (eg: batman).

As a member of BoneChat, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Communicate with your peers in a safe environment.
  • Access and share ortho industry knowledge.
  • Learn best practices from others.
  • Learn about new ortho job opportunities.
  • Communicate freely with peers in a secure environment.
  • Share and acquire ortho industry knowledge.
  • Discover best practices from other professionals.
  • Stay informed about new ortho job opportunities.
  • Build and showcase your personal brand.
  • Gain new insights and ideas from the diverse knowledge and expertise of members.
  • Create networking opportunities for possible collaborations and partnerships
  • Expand your personal and professional development by learning new skills.

Cost: The first fifty "Founding Members" get in at $100/month.

For Members after the first fifty, the monthly cost will double.

Your 1st month is risk free, and you can quit anytime.

Privacy Note: We will never share or sell your information.

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