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✔️ Game Changing Bots & Tools to Help You to Easily Find Great Opportunities ($1997 value)

Quickly see supply and demand data, retirement data, Amazon stock data, shelf life, ROI calculations and lots more. This will give you an advantage over any other brick seller out there.

✔️ Private Videos from Shane and Other Brick Selling Experts ($1997 value)

Get the insider view and level up your knowledge about LEGO® reselling through private and tailored videos that won't be published on YouTube. Shane will go much deeper into his strategy and the things he is focused on each month to help you to stay current on the most important things to be successful.

✔️ Live Online Meetups & Brainstorming Sessions ($997 value)

Join other LEGO® investors for private inner-circle online meet-ups to share tips and tricks, great deals, and help each other to grow our businesses and be successful. You will learn incredible strategies from these meetups!

✔️ A Helpful Inner-Circle Community ($997 value)

Have a helpful inner-circle at your fingertips. Ignite is built directly into a Discord server, and we did that because at its core, we want Ignite to be a community. Engage with like-minded investors and resellers who may have solved the same challenges that you currently have in your business. Network and build partnerships and friendships with others who are focused and invested in their business.

✔️ Private Updates About Shane's Purchases and Sales ($997 value)

See updates about Shane's purchases and sales reports to learn what he believes is a great opportunity.

✔️ Shane's Entire Inventory List ($497 value)

Download Shane's entire inventory to see what sets and themes he invests in the most.

🎁 BONUS #1 - Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet Template ($97 value)

Download a useful template that you can use to track your inventory.

🎁 BONUS #2 - Theme Analysis Spreadsheets ($97 value)

See the behind-the-scenes data from Brick Bucks videos. Download the theme analysis data so you can run your own calculations and quickly make great buying decisions.

🎁 BONUS #3 - LEGO® Deals Feed to Simplify Sourcing ($397 value)

Get ahead of the game with our Deals Bots! We have two bots ready to let you know when a great brick investing deal opens up. Monitor a near-real-time feed of discounts, and make purchases before most people even know there is a sale. (US Only).

🎁 BONUS #4 - A Level-Up System Full of Hidden Bonuses and Perks

Get EVEN MORE PERKS, hidden content, and game changing bots by participating in the group to gain experience points and grow levels. When you reach Level 100, everything changes...

🎁 BONUS #5 - Sign Up for Annual Membership, Get 2 Months Free

If the price of IGNITE wasn't already crazy low for the training content, amazing bots, and inner-circle community...get two months free by signing up for an annual membership!

🎁 BONUS #6 - Annual Members get 2 insane extra features!

See sets that have ALREADY RETIRED and are currently still available in US retailers for you to buy. Our retired-and-available bot will give you a massive advantage over other sellers out there. Plus - get a downloadable spreadsheet of the market data of the sets you are tracking! This will help you to understand the market for those sets at a much deeper level. This changes the game.

🎁 BONUS #7 - 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You read that right! If for some reason you decide after joining that IGNITE isn't for you, send me an email and we'll give you your money back. We're certain IGNITE will change the game for your brick selling journey!

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