This channel is manned during business hours (8-5 EST) by a Certum moderator. Questions will be answered through the day regarding QuickBooks and other business software and processes. Membership is limited to 1 member login per signup. Memberships do not get a refund in case of cancellation.

Each sign-up will get both the group channel #vipchatgroup to ask questions from peers, and they will get access to a private 1:1 channel, which will be staged after signup, and will be closed down in the event of cancellation.

Yearly sign-ups will also receive a custom branded Certum Solutions swag kit. We will reach out for mailing and size info after sign-up.

Pricing subject to change at any time, and terms can be changed at any time. Members agree to keep things positive and productive. Members can be removed without notice for bad language, negativity and bad etiquette, solely up to the discretion of the Certum moderators.

We are excited to start the fun!

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