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You found an old checkout link. Our current membership costs $21/month. But since you found this link, you can purchase a subscription for this links old price, $14/month. Yay for you! You finessed me. Hope to see you in the group!

Checkd Out Cook Group was created with the goal to help new beginners succeed in finding a profitable side hustle. We guide each of our members to success in Sneaker Reselling as well as Console and GPU Reselling. Don't have a lot of capital to work with? No worries. We keep our group costs low which will enable you to maximize your profits. Most groups offer the same information and cost $40-$60 a month. We only cost $14/Month which is a fraction of their prices, and offer the same if not BETTER information.

"How much money can I make with this group?"

That question ultimately depends on you. We provide guides and notifications for every drop you can think of. With our alerts, you could easily have the opportunity to make reselling your full time job. We provide information that could very well bring in a 5 figure income every week if you take advantage of every release we cover. Come see for yourself!

Our Discord group provides:

  • Top of the line sneaker, console, and GPU release guides, prepped with accurate release info such as website lists, release times, accurate resell predictions, and more.
  • Daily reminders for upcoming drops the next day
  • Full-Time Staff members dedicated to helping you and your questions. Our staff have years of experience reselling and do this hustle for a living. You're in good hands.
  • Accurate early information such as direct add to cart links, early product links, and online/instore information from exclusive providers to give our manual users a chance at copping releases.
  • Complete release calendars, filled with every sneaker drop happening this day, week, and month.
  • We cover restocks like SNRKS Pass, Jordan Reserve, CONFIRMED App launches, Raffles, Footsites/Shopify Restocks, Console/GPU Restocks, and much more before they happen and give our users enough time to successfully prepare for drops.
  • The fastest monitors on the market that allow our users to know exactly when a product restocks. It comes with a direct link so our users can manually cop the item or use the link in their bots (coming soon)
  • Direct access to successful botting setups that you can simply download and copy exactly, making your chances of hitting hyped released exponentially increased.
  • Discounted memberships to essential programs, discounted proxies, and hey, even some discounted food!
  • Dedicated Bulk Buyers for your consoles paying near market prices, serving as an easy cash-out service for all of our members.
  • And most importantly, a tight knit community where someone can actually be apart of. This isn't a group where questions go unanswered. Our mod team is made up of people from our very own community. Become a person in our group and have a voice!
  • We offer so many other unique and helpful features to our members. Join now and take this step in changing your reselling career.

You may be wondering, how do we keep our prices so low? The answer is because most of the work for our group is done by me, Rob (Checkdout). This reduces the costs that I have to pay, which enables me to get the same information/providers as the big groups, but allows me to charge my members LESS. For example, all of the marketing, graphic design, payments, web design, and content creation are all done by me.

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