Cold Pitch Gold

Cold Pitch Gold Popup

Cold Pitch Gold Popup is a popup Slack community for freelance copywriters looking to make more money from more projects with more clients

🎉 Free to join and enjoy until September 12 🎉

What's a popup community?

Gold Pitch Gold Popup is a temporary community space for you to get implementation, support and accountability as you start cold pitching your way to better clients, bigger projects and more bountiful paychecks.

Along the way, I'll be creating awesome resources based on your feedback.

Get behind-the-scenes access to cold pitch gold being spun:

🤯 Get answers to your burning questions about cold pitching

🥶 Learn from my best (and worst) cold pitch examples

🎯 Strategies to streamline to your cold pitch system

💰 Tips & tricks on how to leverage a response into a paid project

This popup Slack Community will vanish when the clock strikes midnight on September 12.

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