Community is Strength.

Introducing Collabnix Slack Community - a home for 6200+ community members who are highly enthusiast and ready to contribute towards Docker, Kubernetes, Automation and Cloud Native Technology.We firmly believe that “Community is Strength”. We believe in the power of open source software. That’s the reason we participate in, contribute to, and support the open source container community so strongly.

Our goal is to build a centralized place and provide everyone with the opportunity to become a more informed and engaged member of the community. It’s a great opportunity for you to interact with like-minded people to exchange ideas.

With over 2 Lakh messages floating every year, this is a place where you can start building your career with DockerLabs, move to KubeLabs, get familiar with KubeTools and build confidence to speak at OSCONF conference events.

What are you waiting for? Just enter your email address and we will get you through the smooth process of joining our community Slack.

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Ajeet Singh Raina

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