London Entrepreneurs Community

A private slack community of business leaders mostly based in London that help each other through weekly roundtable discussions. It is a great place to connect with startup founders, business owners and all types of entrepreneurs.

🚀Weekly roundtable discussions to growth-boost members' businesses (wednesdays)

🤝Meet new people to collaborate (maybe your next co-founder!)

🎯Discover new business ideas, markets and opportunities

💰Save money via perks and deals (soon)

Members also get👀

  • Priority listing to be invited as a guest to our podcasts
  • 25% lifetime discount to PDFs such as industry reports, opportunity insights business guides

Conditions to join

  1. Live, or have a business relation with London (or the UK).
  2. Be a founder, business owner, online creator, tech freelancer (or work to make money in the digital economy).
  3. Accept our culture code and rules.
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