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Join the growing community of flexibility enthusiasts from wherever you are, on your computer or on your mobile device.This chat uses a service called Slack – a communication service that allows you to talk one-on-one with others, and also in public and private groups.

About some of the channels you can join

Public channels – these are accessible by all those who sign up for the community, please be aware that all content shared here while not public, is still accessible by everyone that is within the community.

  • #introductions for people to introduce themselves to the community! Say hello and let others know what your interests, goals and ambitions are
  • #general-flexibility This is the room for general flexibility chat, ask for advice, share tips and progress with each other. If you’re starting out, ask other more experienced members for advice and tips
  • #activity-feed This is an automated channel that pulls in content from various sources and puts it all into once place so you can easily find it! If there are blogs, or resources that are regularly updated let us know and we’ll add them to the feed!
  • #random for those random times you want to chat about something else! Any non training or flexibility related conversation is more than welcome here!

Private channels – These exist for those that want a more private and dedicated environment to exchange advice and tips, as well as share progress with people who are in a similar situation or level as you. To get included into these groups, please start a direct message conversation with the administrator (@ben) and we’ll get you verified and added to the channel.#practitioners – This channel is for those who are verified practitioners to communicate as well as share advice and their progress#beginners – This is a place for those starting out to talk to one another and share their experiences. It also is a place whereby more experienced practitioners can lend their adviceBeing included to these channels is reliant on you being able to provide proof that you not only practice, but also show a willingness to learn, be pleasent and accommodating to others as well as actively engaging with the community. If you fail to meet or adhere these requirements you may be removed from the community at our discretion

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