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Welcome to Crypto Joe Trading PRIME Discord Community!

Over the last 2 years I've provided free cryptocurrency trading tips, tutorials and technical analysis to anyone who was interested to learn the exciting world of trading! As the community over the months grew, so did the need for my time. This PRIME Discord group aims to focus on my community members who take trading seriously and want to become a self-sufficient profitable trader!

The group will be focused on a more personalized interaction with members, and will be ideal for beginner and intermediate trading levels.

PRIME - What can you expect?

  • Learn how to trade Cryptocurrency, Stocks & Forex!
  • Livestreams 4-5+ nights per week with live TA QA & News!
  • How to enter & exit trades using low risk strategies
  • Stop Losses & Trailing Stop Losses
  • Tradingview indicator reviews/tutorials
  • Private trading tip videos (unreleased on YouTube)
  • Private Q&A livestreams through Discord
  • Wallet & Risk management tips
  • VisionAlgo tips & strategy
  • Legitimate & VERIFIED breaking news updates
  • Profit logs & Profit taking tips
  • Yield Farming & Staking Tips & Strategies
  • Additional alt coin coverage, setups & reviews on new projects *DEPENDING ON MARKET CONDITIONS*
  • Capped Discord user count
  • Early Access to the CJ Trading Bot *Coming Soon* Still being stress tested!

This is NOT a signals group! You will learn to trade yourself and develop your own self-sufficient strategy!

Does this seem like it will help you out? $29 per month will grant you access to the above benefits. If you find my YouTube content helpful and enjoy my trading technique and simplicity then this group is for you!

-Crypto Joe

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$29.00 USD per month (automatic recurring payments)
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