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Welcome Traders and thank you for your interest in the Inner Circle !

Here we are all trading the same strategy -> Smart Money Concept.

What is Smart Money Concept?

It is a way in the forex trading market to analyze the footprints of the big banks and therefore to take advantage of it. We never know 100% what they are doing but we have some options what they can do. With our rule based strategy we know which ones we can take and which options are not valid for us. With the right risk management and high risk reward we will be in very good profit.

Are you still failing?

Probably you have already heard about Smart Money Concepts and you are already trading like that. You thought that this is the final step to your trading success but you are still struggling?

  • Well I can tell you why -> Experience and Refinements

Experience = Refinements

The longer you are trading these concepts you will notice that you will get some feeling for the market. You will be better in refining your zones and your entry style. Therefore your win rate and risk reward will increase over time heavily. Of course this will take some time and this is why I am sharing with you my experience in the advanced section of our Inner Circle

Are you already profitable and want to improve?

Perfect. Like I already said we have here very advanced stuff and this content is always changing over time as we are improving together.


Yes we have a chat community where we all have the same goal and everybody can share their trading ideas and analysis. Everybody can discuss about refinements, analysis or mindset.


Also what you can and should share are screenshots of your work after every education chapter. We also have a section there were you can share what you have learnt and me personally or traders from the community can look after it and check it.

Zoom Calls

Every Sunday we are preparing for the new week. We are analyzing the markets together and I will also let traders analyze something in front of us and I will correct you. This is how you will learn the most. Also you can ask me there questions.

Darius FX Ideas

I am also sharing almost every day my trading ideas, mark ups and full breakdown analysis. This will be videos or multiple screenshots. I will map out my zones where I am looking to get involved into my trades.

Trade Recap

Also I will do every week Trade Recaps to show every single step explained.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed/certified financial planner/advisor. All content of the MENTORSHIP is for education purposes only. Darius FX and I will not be held liable for any actions taken by you as a result of what you learn or see. What I teach is PERSPECTIVE ONLY; any trades taken, and any losses/profits made in the financial markets are under your discretion and your own responsibility. Everything should be demo'd, tested, and any decisions to do with investments of ANY SORT, are entirely YOUR choice. - Darius FX

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