Data Mesh Learning

A vendor-independent Slack channel (and community) for sharing ideas and learning from each other about data mesh.

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Purpose and Code of Conduct

We created this Slack and accompanying website to allow people interested in data mesh to learn from each other as they move along the journey from learning to planning to deployment and production. It is designed to be a welcoming and inclusive place where we respect each other, whether you are someone who just heard about data mesh for the first time today or you are Zhamak (creator of the data mesh concept). We want to enable learning AND sharing. We encourage each and every one of you to create content if you desire. We will be providing topics for content, templates for user stories, etc., maybe even volunteers to review your content! We are also working on ways to request content you want to see. Chat is great but chat with more in-depth content is better ;)

Be Empathetic, Be Excellent to Each Other

Our code of conduct that can be found here: The gist of our CoC is: be excellent to each other and have empathy. Be kind, be inquisitive, be helpful. Disagreements are normal discourse for topics like data mesh; BUT discourse not discord. We take harassment seriously and will not hesitate to expel those who harass or are belligerent. Also, no NSFW content please. We don't think it needs to be said but might as well say it.

Be Patient, Be Understanding, Be Helpful

Please understand that no member of this community owes you answers to all (or any of) your questions. This is not anyone's main job (at least as of yet!). If you are just here to absorb content and learn but not participate, that's totally okay! You are welcome here. But we welcome the participation of everyone with their ideas, their questions, their content, and their pet pictures. We are working on ways for people to participate in an asynchronous manner (if you have suggestions, send our way!) as Slack can feel like you are required to immediately respond. We want this Slack to be beneficial to all participants.

Help us Make This Community Better

We want this Slack community (and all data mesh communities) to be a positive experience for all involved. If you have feedback on how we can make data mesh communities better, we'd LOVE to hear it, let the admins know.

This Isn't the Place to Sell

Lastly, we recognize vendors exist. We do not want to exclude vendors but this is not a place to sell. We are gathering to learn, share information, collaborate, and make new relationships. If sales result from connections you make in that process, awesome. But overzealous selling is against our code of conduct. Please abide.

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