Dude Diligence Mentorship

Dude Diligence Mentorship

Entering The Financial Markets Alone Is Intimidating

Joining the Dude Diligence Discord Server provides you with experienced coaches and like-minded teammates to help reduce the learning curve and accelerate your learning process.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, you'll find a home within our community.

When we first started trading we learned the hard way from our own mistakes. We would've loved an affordable solution to catapult our knowledge to the next level and avoid wasting money.

That's why we created Dude Diligence.

We've spent countless hours maximizing the success rate of our trading strategies, especially Options Swing Trading, which allows you to maintain your normal daily schedule without worrying about your open positions.

Join The Community Today & Gain Instant Access To:

  • Direct 1 On 1 Contact and Coaching With Both Founders
  • Live Market Orders And Alerts (See Exactly What We Trade)
  • Swing Trade Strategies - Avoid Constantly Having To Keep An Eye On Your Positions
  • Free Tutor Sessions
  • Daily/Weekly Options & Stock Trade Ideas
  • Our Personal Charting Predictions & Patterns
  • Options / Stocks / Futures Knowledge
  • News Alerts
  • Wall Street Bets Alerts

We're eager to meet you!

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