Empowering YOU Initiative

Empowering YOU Village

Empowering YOU Village is a platform that aims to introduce our members to individuals outside of their personal networks, helping to find purpose, opportunity, and create positive energy in times of uncertainty by providing the right networks, connections, resources and opportunities to create brighter better futures through our support network

Mission Statement:

We aim to bring our members top career opportunities & enhancing your personal development, as well as helping you lead a more passionate & purposeful life

  1. To serve the our members in our community and ensure that every life is valued
  2. To create and uplift our members in the world of work, business and community
  3. To focus on enhancing the lives of our members and their change their narrative to one of aspirations, attainability and achievement
  4. To enhance our members lives through providing new opportunities and connections
  5. To be the go to platform for all things on being a change maker, innovator and an elevator of our members communities
  6. To uphold the highest standards when serving and representing our village
  7. To be a bridge between Empowering YOU and corporations, institutions and establishments

As a member of the Empowering YOU Village we ask that you uphold a set of shared values and understanding of what it takes to truly support the next generation of leaders:

  1. To mentor and empower those that reach out to you including upskilling and knowledge sharing
  2. To refer those from the network to job and funding opportunities
  3. To send the ladder back down rather than pulling it up

Our purpose is to provide access, opportunity and network for our members. We therefore want this space to be somewhere you can:

  • share interesting news pieces and discuss current affairs, particularly in tech and entrepreneurship
  • share funding and training opportunities
  • ask for advice and connect to support inside and outside of the group

That being said...

  • Always keep to the purpose of the group. Don’t share irrelevant messages about other topics.
  • Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group. Switch to private messages.
  • Respect differences of all kinds in the group (but not racism, sexism or xenophobia)
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