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With over 30 years of trading experience combined from our contributors, we are here to help you succeed! Come join FF Trading which is part of the FF Business Consulting Group and let me help you achieve financial freedom. Our lifetime membership includes mentorship! You can have confidence in knowing that you are part of a discord run by a team with extensive market experience and stats to back it up that are posted monthly.

We've created a proprietary scalp kit which will give you the proper advantage you need when scalping extremely liquid stocks. The algorithm will provide a buy and sell signal for any stock chart you pull up. But it is best when applied to a chart/ticker that is extremely volatile, giving the user precise entry and exit points and a much better success rate when scalping. When it detects a reversal or bullish run is imminent it will alert you via an audible and visual alert (visual alert = plotted arrow on your chart). This has been thoroughly tested to make sure it gives the best response time possible. This is not a scanner. These are custom indicators designed to give you a leading edge quickly and precisely for quick moving tickers.

Come join us and let us help you overshoot your goals the right way!

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