Genevieve Gx Coin

Fabien Dureuil

Genevieve is pleased to announce our upcoming ICO.

Gx Coin will represent a new opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency that is backed by venture investments in real businesses. Each token represents ownership of a fund that is buying into local economies around the world in the form of business financing.

GxCoin is also a Mainstream Breaks Into the Esoteric Circle

“The change doesn’t happen, it must be provoked”, GxC team

GxCoin is more than just VC funding and more than just another currency.

GxCoin is a revolutionary and usable medium of exchange that will finance the real economy, stabilize local small businesses and their community, and a smart way to store and grow value.

Our project, GxCoin, is all about diversification; offering a new kind of digital asset.

It is a “stable coin” that serves as a healthy medium of exchange in everyday life, and as easy to convert into other cryptocurrencies as it is with Fiat, wherever you are.

It’s about empowering and backing small businesses; creating the first stable cryptocurrency that is backed by tangible, off-chain, premium stakes in a small businesses.

In addition to accepting investments in the form of GxCoin, these small businesses will also agree to accept GxCoin as a form of payment, and just like the option for “cash back” at a convenience store, they will offer a point of liquidity called “token back”.

This resolves the factor of liquidity, and creates mainstream access to use GxCoin.

We explained our view early on with Cryptocoinsnews, currency, or a medium of exchange, is all about establishing trust and convenient methods to store value and transact safely and reliably.

Backing our digital currency with a stake in small businesses encourages communities to actively participate in the economy and offer their contribution in a direct way.

This method of investing is also an amazing way to protect against inflation and a good way to increase your purchasing power.

As participating small businesses grow and create dividend, those investors too will be able to see the value of their GxCoin investment grow.

A World Bank group study reports that the world economy accounts for no less than 115 million small businesses and 365–445 million micro to medium sized businesses in the emerging market, employing more than 60% of total jobs worldwide and 40% of the worldwide GDP.

We are not a team of dreamers living in some far-off Utopia, we are entrepreneurs, developers and experimental finance professionals.

Our plan applies a high level of financial education and advanced technology to resolve an everyday problem.

GxCoin’s plan is backed by the desire to remove economical boundaries, and create a more fair, accessible economy ripe for growth.

Right now is an opportunistic time to break into the mainstream, esoteric circle and establish a financial standard of exchange that is better understood world-wide and more accessible to everyone in the economy.

We at Genevieve don’t believe in just one cryptocurrency.

We believe in a need for thousands of currencies.

Currency is a formidable medium of exchange, and it can be a powerful tool in any community; a tool that should be shaped by the needs and specifications of those individuals who use it.

The key components for the mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrencies is a deep market and a high volume of transactions and liquidity.

Instant and smooth conversion between community members.

Blockchain technology is the new standard that makes this possible.

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