Brian Swichkow ( aka Mr. 👻 )

Ghost Influence is your catalyst for growth.

We're a collaborative incubator, not a networking group.


You (or your team) ask questions, I (along with our gaggle of highly specialized experts) answer them objectively and/or direct you to actionable resources that are designed to drive measurable growth.

Our community keeps you on track with your goals and provides tangible, founder-level support along the way.


  • 10+ Platform-Specific Channels: Facebook advertising strategies that have converted $15M sales, Instagram influencer strategies that landed $650K in free marketing, etc. etc.
  • 10+ Topic-Specific Channels: Media outreach techniques that develop press without hiring an agency, contractor hiring and training processes that radically alleviate scaling pains, etc. etc.
  • 25+ Expert Advisors: Develop informed perspectives with insights from founders driving $10M+ in revenue, marketers developing 22M person audiences, and many others.
  • 24-Hour Responsiveness: Get objective, unbiased insights from specialized consultants and experienced executioners before you invest time and money into new initiatives.


  • On-Demand, Chat Based Experts: Get all the benefits of hiring an army of expert consultants and experienced mentors without the barrage of astronomical invoices they'd bill for their time.
  • Access 1,000+ Wiki Resources: Leverage our interconnected library of data-rich case studies, process amplifying utilities, candid founder interviews, industry perspectives, etc. etc.
  • Networking With Peers: Connect with Founders and C-Levels that have developed $10M+ annual net revenue, exited by acquisition to competitors on investment firms, etc. etc.


"No matter the situation I found myself in, something (or someone) in Ghost Influence was able to help." ~ Aaron S.

"Need a reassuring pat on the back? There's someone for that. An unapologetic slap in the face? Plenty of people for that, too. Someone to explain why and how your fears are unfounded or justified... the experience and data of those who have forged ahead of you is at your fingertips." ~ Raj S.

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