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Are you a solo, small or mid-sized global mobility or immigration practice?

Wish you had industry-specific LinkedIn, marketing and growth support?

Well, now you do.

Introducing: GMI Rocket🚀

GMI Rocket is a Slack community of global mobility and immigration (GMI) business owners, CEOs, execs and team members dedicated to marketing and growing their businesses.

With GMI Rocket you get:

  • LinkedIn mastery. Get LinkedIn and broader social media advice, tips, ideas and support that’s specific to the GMI industry and will help you elevate your brand and your business.
  • Discussions and networking. Connect with 100+ immigration and global mobility leaders about marketing, social media, growth, technology and more.
  • Member-only perks and benefits. Member-only deals and discounts for relevant and contextual services to the community.
  • You decide what else! Events, workshops, newsletters - by joining the community, you help steer the ship to get what YOU want out of it!

Here's what members are saying:

🗯️"I've loved being a part of this so far, great group of people and great value for everyone involved!"

🗯️"Already some great discussions, insightful comments, and amazing people"

Wait, but what's Slack and why use it?

Slack is a powerful messaging platform that's perfect for collaboration, sharing documents and files, creating sub-groups and more. You can search through conversations, pin important items, direct message other members and take advantage of other collaborative features!

Best of all, GMI Rocket is absolutely free!

Yep! We want to build a community of immigration and global mobility professionals who are interested in getting better at LinkedIn, digital marketing, content marketing and overall brand and business growth.

No fees, all value.

So join the GMI Rocket and watch your business take off! 🚀

(Pun completely intended😆)

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