This paid subscription grants you access to the private Hodl & Shill server. The value Included in your payment brings access to all private content, access to our whale watching bot which tracks some of the biggest wallets in the industry, and a bunch of very useful links we have put together.

You’ll also gain access to ALL of our private channels where we collaborate on some of the following: short-term/long-term calls, Gem Hunting, Sharing Alpha, Strategies, and more.

Hodl & Shill makes it a priority to provide the community with an in-depth step-by-step breakdown on how to learn, (operate/navigate), and master trading digital assets on multiple platforms and decentralized exchanges with detailed visuals to ensure success every step of the way.

We're a community of members who strive to invest in small to mid-market cap undervalued gems with a high utility before they reach the mainstream audiences. We will limit the community to a maximum of 1000 members.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you can afford to Netflix and Chill then you can afford to Hodl & Shill.

For clarity’s sake (these are not definitive lists, but you get the idea)

What We Do:

✅ Extensive Research on Undervalued Cryptos and NFTs

✅ Monthly Giveaways

✅ Referral Programs

✅ Open Market Discussions

What We Don’t Do:

🚫 Pump and Dump

🚫 Rug Pulls 🚫 MLM/HYIP

🚫 Trading Scams

✨_ As a bonus; we have recently started offering 20 minutes monthly 1-1 calls to some subscribers._

What Else Do You Get?

🦾 Automation and Bot Discussion

Automation and bots are an important part of our strategies. If you can safely automate some of your strategies, why wouldn’t you?

Altrady - We have been using Altrady since it was launched in 2017. We use it for trading, but also for the automation and trading signals that are provided by Crypto Base Scanner. We have a channel dedicated to discussing options, strategies, settings, and more.

Bitsgap - Grid trading bots work, they can be tricky and it’s not always just set and forget. We actively use Bitsgap and have a channel dedicated to our strategies, pairs, and more.

Other Automation - There are other bots and automation services such as 3Commas, CoinRule, and others. We have a channel for those discussions as well.

🖼️ NFT & DeFi

Learn about NonFungible Tokens (NFTs) and (DeFi) Decentralized Finance from beginner to expert levels. The DeFi and the NFT space can be confusing and overwhelming. Our Discord server is a haven where if you’re feeling unsure - you can come back to, simply to learn or ask us questions. There is no stronger foundation than learning in the open, together with the community.

Contrary to popular belief, crypto does NOT have to be fueled by hits of Hopium. DeFi opens up a new world of portfolio theory through yield farming. Now, investors can gain an edge in the markets through various ways:

  • Mitigate the downside risk of crypto by always earning a high yield on their assets
  • Stablecoin (dollar-based) strategies that increase your crypto holdings without taking on market volatility

Hodl & Shill’s qualitative & quantitative research cuts through all the noise to identify and be early in yield farming opportunities and much more.


There's no question that one of the best ways to learn is by taking action and by having "skin in the game" and using protocols, wallets, and DeFi in general, yourself.

Farming will give you a better understanding of how tokenomics affect the price and what gives ecosystems/protocols value.

Seasoned Traders, Yield Farmers, Investors, and Enthusiasts, use this community as a resource to improve their portfolio construction and be early in emerging projects and protocols. Our research and insights will give you the edge you need by having access to more information than the market, and faster.

Important Notice: This is not a "get rich quick" group. It's a way to meet other serious individuals and also get insights on other ways to navigate the markets. You do not have to be an expert but you do need to be willing to put any ego aside and ready to learn. We are all early, we are all learning and a strong community like this has the ability to change lives.


Cryptopher Columbus our founder got his first bitcoin in early 2013 and became obsessed with the crypto industry. He has been dedicated to learning and navigating the vast seas of blockchain and all the trends that take place within them. He founded the brand Hodl & Shill in 2017 as a pun on Netflix and Chill. It has brought a smile to many once they hear it. It’s meant to be fun and light-hearted.

We are forever students of this space but we are very confident of what we know and want to share it with our community of like-minded individuals. Networking is so important and a community like ours provides priceless connections to individuals you might never know otherwise. From traders, to market makers to project owners and developers, our goal is to connect, learn and grow together in a private and professional environment.

🗣️ Keep in mind, you gain instant access to everything as soon as you become a member. Due to abuse and scrapers, You can cancel at any time, but there will be no free trials and no refunds after 30 days.

🏡 Membership Structure

We do not want the largest discord server, we don’t want the biggest server. We are building a high-quality community of like-minded individuals.

To kickstart things we are starting our membership for the first 700 people to $9.99/m (for new signups)

When the server reaches 1400 members the price will be $15.49/m (for new signups)

When the server reaches 2100 members the price will be $19.99/m (for new signups)

When the server reaches 2800 members the price will be $79.99/m (for new signups)

When the server reaches 3000 members the price will be $199/m (for new signups)

After we hit 3000 we will reevaluate the next increase.

🎗️Whatever price you signed up at, that’s the price for you, forever. You will be grandfathered in at your pricing tier.

📆 We also offer yearly subscriptions as well if you prefer to handle your membership that way.

💱 Unfortunately, we are not able to accept crypto payments YET! As soon as this service allows us to they will be enabled.

While we tend to err on the side of Bitcoin. we’re am versed in the industry and realize that If an emerging ecosystem provides amazing yields with a good risk/reward profile, I will always be there to generate revenue on my assets. Always keep in mind that liquidity knows no loyalty. We are here to be market makers and movers. We don’t fully believe in maximalism (i.e. BTC/ETH maximalism).

To get the most value out of it, we encourage everyone to be active in the community, so jump in where you fit in and enjoy the ride!

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