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Conferences are expensive, periodic, time guzzling and formal. Learnings gained are many but due to the ephemeral nature of events and conferences, the application of concepts learnt leaves much to be desired. We at thought that it was imperative to kickstart an online community which can learn from each other, real time, without any envelope of formality associated with on-ground events.

So here we are - a Slack community of folks in the HR fraternity and sorority, spanning teams spread across recruitment, learning and HRBP. HRtoHR, as it's name suggests, is a place where fellow HR professionals talk about best practices, everyday challenges, new tools, general jibber-jabber and rants about things that matter from one HR to another. The benefits are many – post an HR problem and get instant resolutions, get objective opinion about tools you would want to deploy, network with the best in the industry and shorten your learning curve through group think. Access to this group is complimentary.

Within the community, you can accomplish the following activities:

  • Build relationships
  • Content Repository
  • Network
  • Find Gigs
  • Learn about upcoming products, launches in recruitment and learning technologies
  • Thought leadership
  • Brainstorm on HR innovation
  • Ideation
  • Group Think leading to collective problem solving

This community is managed by:

I, Nandita Gurjar, welcome you to be a part of this real time, HR centric community to help people network and grow by learning from each other. Having held global roles at various HR and Business fronts at Infosys, I had the fortune of attending various conferences. I love them (always have!) but went home feeling a void all conferences kick-in after completion. I also realized that actual learning of principles happens post a conference (when you apply them on-ground) and lack of guidance and network post the event left a lot to be desired.

What better than a virtual conference 24/7/12/365 for us professionals, right? I welcome you once again to be a part of this online community to keep the conversations and learning flowing, continuously.

Just sign up with your email address on the right panel and instructions to join the team would be followed in an email.

Here's the link to my LinkedIn profile in case you wish to connect with me offline -

Happy networking!

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