Introducing a new IoETPlanet Community Slack - a public slack built to enable IoET(Internet of EveryThing) community building and collaboration. Our goal is to build a centralised place to give everyone the opportunity to become a more informed and engaged member of the IoET community. It’s a great opportunity for you to interact with like-minded people to exchange ideas and even receive a direct line of communication with the IoET Community.

IoET Planet is an innovative & collaborative platform to bring people, process, data and things together for the first time under a single umbrella.This community aim at taking IoT to the next level where we create new capabilities, collaborate & construct richer experiences and unprecedented economics opportunities for students, individuals, business and countries.

Recently we conducted an IoET Conference for the first time that aims to gather research, projects, innovations and ideas incorporating Robotics, Environmental Sensing, Home automation etc. under one roof along with frequently accessible services of AI, data analytics, embedded systems and ML which have revolutionised the tech industry, reducing the complexities and increasing the technicalities. Being an Open Community Flagship event, it connects people across the globe and uplifts unique innovations, rendering an international forum to researchers, academicians, professionals and students for their best works in AI, ML and IoT.

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-The IoET Community Team

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