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Institutional Algorithmic Delivery. Learn about the algorithm that the markets use to deliver price. Step by step approach with well-structured course sections and personalized support delivered by IPDATrader. Join a community of like-minded people striving for financial freedom.


  • In-depth Smart Money and Institutional Concepts approach to understand the market.
  • Step by Step Learning Approach with structured learning material.
  • Community of like-minded people.
  • Video requests and concepts explanation
  • Live Market Update Zoom Webinars every Sunday
  • In-depth Algorithmic Price Delivery education and concepts.
  • Access to IPDATrader as a mentor.
  • Trading Model with step by step Market Approach
  • Order Flow Reading and Delivery


We do not allow refunds. It is easy for the individual to access all the information,value,content and videos and then request a refund.


I am not a licensed/certified financial planner/advisor. All content of the server is for education purposes only. IPDATRADER will not be held liable for any actions taken by you as a result of what you learn or see. What I teach is perspective ONLY; any trades taken, and any losses/profits made in the financial markets are under your discretion and your own responsibility.


-As explained in the presentation video, not all of the sections are completed as new content is regularly being added.

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