We have strategies for trading options daily that have made me minimum of 5% a trade.

I am trading an average of 6-7% returns a trade using my proprietary strategies. I use my call outs for swinging stock, call options or selling puts.

And if I am not scalping options, stock is used for larger sizing ($10,000 and above) to swing 5% in gains per week.

I will teach you, for free with a one week trial, how I use my technical indicators in my trades.

And with a premium pass, every trade I queue up is relayed to the chat room using proprietary python scripts so that you can know exactly what I’m buying and for what price the second I enter a bid, giving you minutes to set up your order If you want to.

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Here is what some of our paying members have to say about what we offer:

A ton of very solid information in here if you have the patience to learn it. Helpful moderators. Minimal spam. A great resource


Justin literally walks you through the trade; what bid price he enters and with what % he gets out. What he does if the trade doesn’t go his way, averaging down/cutting losses. It’s all by his formulated playbook. It’s not as easy as 1 2 3 but it’s a valid working strategy. How many traders can say the same.


I couldn't be anymore thankful to be apart of a great community. Everyone here brings amazing value for trading and investment strategies. Not only that but everyone is so willing to help one another and the TA that I have learned from this community is life changing. Highly recommend !


Since I joined this server I have learned an insane amount about trading, TA, and the market from the free resources.. I strongly recommend this server. Since I joined I have made smarter trades and have had a community to talk to about my thoughts and ideas.


Personally I really enjoy this server, I find that the people are beyond helpful and friendly. I joined this discord for community and insight and I have whole heartedly exceeded those expectations. I have recommended this group to a lot of friends and would do so again.


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