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This is Premium Less Doing Labs—a top-tier community of Less Doing Labs (hyperlink to other slack pass) focused on amplifying their unique ability in order to be the industry definers. This exclusive membership aims at cultivating and educating visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business leaders thru the Art of Less Doing. Including the Less Doing Labs Membership, Less Doing Premium members have access to:

  1. Strategy Session: A one-time complementary 15 minute video strategy call with productivity expert and Founder of Less Doing, Ari Meisel.

  2. The OAO Podcast: A weekly podcast hosted by Ari Meisel showcasing the newest & greatest new apps, productivity hacks, and custom built processes.

  3. Weekly Toolbox: Exclusive content from the Less Doing Podcast only available to Premium Members detailing guests’ top three tips to be more effective.

  4. Process Hacker Live: Once a month, Ari will take a Less Doing custom built process to the white board; detailing the nuances to so you can DIY. Have a process you want reviewed? Put in a request for YOUR process to be the highlight.

Less Doing Premium is the ultimate resource for you to identify your unique ability, catapult you to the presipace of the industry, and network with industry-wide business leaders.

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$52.00 USD per month (automatic recurring payments)