Welcome to LVL UP Trading! Whether you are just starting out or you have years of experience in the markets if you're looking to level up your trading you came to the right place. We are focused on empowering you with the right tools and knowledge to succeed. Being able to learn and trade along great traders helped me a lot when I was first starting out and it gave me the opportunity to cut my trading learning curve by more than half and it will do the same for you! Personally I have been trading for over 8 years, built multiple 6 figure accounts, passed rigorous trading combines and have profited as a $150k funded futures trader at a prop firm. My two largest profitable trading days were $118K and $68k with many runner ups. I have a high risk reward trading style but everyone is encouraged to develop their own.

You are not alone and with us you'll have a supportive community of like minded people that will support you in your trading/investing journey.

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-Equities, Options, Futures, Crypto, Forex, Sports, Investing, AI Bots

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In our community you can:

  • trade alongside professional traders
  • learn from a diverse range of experienced professionals
  • get around like minded people
  • get profitable trade ideas from experienced traders
  • learn how to analyze charts and conduct market analysis
  • have a community that will keep you accountable on your path to success
  • ask questions to experienced traders/investors
  • be provided with tools typically only used by institutions
  • network with very successful people & develop life changing relationships
  • get up to the second global news

& much more!

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