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This is our most popular indicator. It gives three separate signals and is best used on a 4H timeframe, to alert you to trading opportunities. It combines a heatmap with a volume-weighted RSI-type indicator and includes a divergence flag.

**Indicators tend to work best in certain environments. You should always back-test any strategy in multiple environments to identify if it is suitable for this indicator.

Take a look at the video for a full explanation, and obvious examples of how useful it can be.

We run a Discord server where you can chat with other traders, see our Live Streams, check out our trade ideas and browse our other customised indicators. Discord is a great new way to share ideas with other traders, offering both text and voice chat. It takes seconds to create a Discord account.

If you agree to pay for the script, you will be given access to a private Discord Channel where you request the script using your TradingView user name.

Yearly subscribers to the server get live streams, chatrooms, mentoring, and all our Custom Indicators for free as part of the package.

You can check out the Discord server and browse our indicators and services for free here

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