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Menthor Q Premium Membership provides you access to our Gamma and Liquidity Levels on Indices, Stocks and ETFs. You will gain full access to Menthor Q data and insights and our Quant Models via Discord.

What you will access:

  • Exclusive access to the Premium Discord Server
  • In-depth Gamma Levels and Greeks Analysis
  • Insights into Market Makers' activity
  • Key Price Levels on Indices, Stocks and ETFs
  • Comprehensive data on the Option Market
  • TradingView Integration
  • Full Access to the Q-Levels Indicator
  • Access to CTAs and Volatility Control Models
  • Leverage the power of Menthor Q Quant Models
  • Autopost and Query Bots with 20+ Commands
  • Community and Support

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Key Benefits:

πŸ€– Auto Post & Query Bots

🏦 Actionable Insights for Traders

πŸ“ˆ Data integration with TradingView

πŸ’‘ Simplify the Market

πŸš€ Join a Community of 180K+ investors


Coming Soon...

By signing up you will benefit from our future developments:

  • Gamma Levels on Futures (ES, CL, etc.)
  • Gamma Levels on Crypto
  • Volatility Models
  • Vanna + Charm Models
  • Momentum / Sentiment / Systematic Models + Trigger Price Levels
  • Intraday Data
  • Macro Model V1
  • Predictive Earnings Model V1
  • Options and Equity Screener
  • Backtesting Tool

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