Office Rave

Yann & Simon

Discover new DJ sets every day.

Do you like listening to DJ Sets/Mixes while working? Then this might be the right place for you.

On an almost daily basis the people in the community post what they're listening too. And every monday morning we handpick our Mix of the Week to start your week with some nice tunes 🙌

Here are some past mixes to give you an impression of what to expect:

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There are just a few examples. As you know the genre of electronic music is huge and everyone is welcome! Well almost... as long as you're not into EDM or Hardstyle this is probably the right place for you!

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NEW: Track of the day

Sometimes you're just too busy to listen to hour long sets. That's why we started #track-of-the-day! Here we post our favorites tunes we're currently listening.

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