BAUCE is a lifestyle site for the self-made woman. We offer an exclusive paid membership community for any woman of color who is serious about becoming a self-made, financially independent woman. The membership grants you access to:

  • monthly masterclasses and 1:1 coaching with self-made millionaires and BAUCE women
  • monthly accountability challenges (and prizes!) to help you build success-generating habits
  • premium content focused on personal finance and wealth-building
  • weekly affirmations to keep you motivated and encouraged
  • curated list of opportunities, jobs, and events to help you level up in your industry
  • virtual coworking sessions and group discussions to help you network with the BAUCE SQUAD community and learn new self-improvement hacks
  • "ask me anything" office hours with the founder of BAUCE Magazine
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$95.00 USD per year (automatic recurring payments)
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