Your journey to self-love and body positivity starts with you but continues by becoming part of the conversations in your community.

Are you sick of going on this journey all alone?

After receiving over 100 emails asking us to create a safe, private and secure community to discuss all things related to body positivity and self-love, we have created the community you asked for!

Here is what you will learn in your new community of people just like you:

  • Feel Worthy - Stop feeling like you are not worthy and not enough.
  • End Comparisons - Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of joy!
  • Gain Self-Acceptance - Become aware of how you think, react and behave.
  • Realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE! - Hear others' stories of struggles like yours.
  • Love Yourself - Learn tips to love yourself and your body more.
  • Support the Cause - Become a part of a community supporting your cause.
  • Feel loved - Be accepted and have your voice heard.

Become a part of our NEW private community on an app called Slack. It's super easy to chat, learn and engage here.

(Most businesses use this app for internal communications.)

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Your $9/month contribution enables us to sustain our efforts to promote body positivity and self-love and keep our mission alive and our website ad free.

100% of profits are reinvested.

This is NOT a Facebook group where your privacy is compromised, your family and friends can easily read your personal thoughts and posts in their news feeds.

Join now to gain access to your new community in minutes.

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