Email Mastermind

Daniel Deyette

Hey Mailers!

Sometimes... You need somebody to lean on!

Whether you're a veteran email marketer who's encountered an odd glitch... writer's block or some weird niche you can't get traction in OR you're a newbie email marketer who wants to see swipes of converting emails, help warming up lists or creating re-engagement campaigns and help with list hygiene... There's never been ANYTHING like this.

..and for good reason! Some major email providers don't want you knowing what you can and can't get away with!

Do you want:

  • Access to example converting emails?
  • The hottest list growth methods (and what's growing lists the fastest?)
  • Help mailing or warming up cold lists
  • Help with an email server?
  • Want to learn how to test your inboxing rates?
  • Need help coming up with email promotions or content ideas?
  • Access to hundreds of hot subject lines?
  • Help diagnosing email problems?
  • Curious what it would take to get a 30% increase in business/results?
  • Or some other funnel related help?

I get it!

Who the heck am I?! I'm Daniel Deyette.

I wrote one of the first books on email deliverability, I've taught it in colleges and I've worked with lists on Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ARPReach, OEMPro, MailWizz, Infusionsoft, Klaviyo, 1ShoppingCart, ConstantContact and many more.

Not only have I lived in these platforms for various campaigns, but I've also worked with some of the teams at these companies to help increase inboxing, engagement of the various lists and profitability from the client side. I'm confident I can add value to ANY email marketing campaign... But that's not ENOUGH.

I want to build a community of email marketers!

Not only will I be including FREE live Q&A sessions, FREE courses and guides but... I believe as a community we'll come together and support one another in serving our lists, getting great results and of course... making MONEY!!

What's the community cost?!

It's $99/per month (starting in July 2019) but for now, as we're building and growing it... (and as a special for Black Friday Weekend) I'm going to test-offer it at just $47 per month.

If you can imagine, this is an insanely silly price as you could not hire an hour of an expert's time for this, you could barely get a dinner, gas and parking some place these days for this price... so don't turn your nose up... you can easily get a refund if you feel you're not seeing 100% of the value your first month.

Can you imagine the value of just ONE hot opt-in offer could provide (or a 15% increase in inboxing/sales)?

But... If there's even just one or two things you get stuck on per year, you'll see incredible value.

What are you waiting for :)

Get access today!

$47.00 USD per month (automatic recurring payments)
No risk, cancel anytime
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