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🚀Join the #1 Slack Chat with 240+ tech entrepreneurs, digital influencers, marketers, startup people.🚀

  • ++Marketers:++ Build relationships with startup founders, offer help & learn new digital growth tactics.
  • ++Founders:++ Get feedback, share your journey, build your social influence, find investors & become a better marketer.
  • ++Investors: ++Meet early stage tech startup founders, learn about new technologies & build up your deal flow.
  • ++Content Creators:++ Engage and share your content with other influencers. We started the #1 LinkedIn Engagement channel.

Make friends with a global tribe of like-minded people.

We have 240+ members from 15+ countries in our inner circle.

What our members are saying:

"The best community for founders & digital influencers" - Tim Queen (LinkedIn Influencer & Growth Marketer)

"I love the Ask Me Anything sessions" - Katrin Marx (Head of Growth, MobyPark)

"Great to be in this community, always a new day of inspiration" - Manfred Ekblad (Co-Founder of Astronaut Technologies)

"The most engaged Slack community." - String Nguyen (LinkedIn Video Influencer)

"One of the best growth groups on the internet. It's low noise and well organized." - Corey Cleland (Growth Marketer & Co-Founder of Thisle)

Community Guidelines:

  • Want to share knowledge? We only share actionable, no BS advice, documented - not high level fluff.
  • Want to self-promote? Use the channel #dontpitchmebro.
  • Want to build relationships? Engage and participate. We have a PAY IT FORWARD rule, means you help others first, before asking for help, so share, network & participate.

We have a strict application process. If you don't make the cut, we'll refund 100% of the membership fee.

Other Benefits:

  • Over 20+ membership discounts on SaaS, products & services
  • Weekly Growth Chat sessions with founders & growth marketers
  • No Risk: 7 Days Free Trial
  • Access to a millennial influencer network
  • Invites to local meetup, discounted ticket prices on conferences

Remember, we won't be charging your credit card in the first 7 days. You get 7 Days Free!

Any questions, concerns & just want to get in touch? Contact Carsten at [email protected]

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