Welcome to NYC Alert! Providing premium in-store and online information. Our ultimate goal is to create a community providing everyone with all the tools and resources needed to deliver success at securing limited and desired items. With experienced staff and support members, there will be tons of active members to assist you with any questions you may have.

NYCAlert Features List

  • Premium Instore Info (NY, NJ, CT & PA)
  • NYCAlert Autofill Tool + Auto checkout tool. Works on Shopify, Supreme and many other sites.
  • 30+ Exclusive Methods/Guides
  • Private Groupbuys
  • Weekly Giveaways/Raffles
  • Blazing fast AIO Monitors Including (eBay, BestBuy, Target, GameStop, Walmart).
  • Detailed Online Sitelist with accurate Early Links
  • 1 on 1 Support 24/7
  • Free/Cheap Auto Checkout services for limited releases
  • Bot Investments
  • Exclusive Stocks/Options Server Access
  • Brick Flips/Random Flips
  • Exclusive Services Channel with 50% off services for Food, Rides, Methods, Gift Cards, Labels, Accounts, Refunds.
  • Free Tools Bot with 20+ commands including eBay view bot - Sneaker Investment
  • Collectibles & Art Flips - Presell/Hold/Sell for Upcoming Releases
  • Alerts bot that updates for every Upcoming Release
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Raffle Monitors
  • Keyword Pingers for restocks

Fulfillment Policies:

  • Refund policy — Since this is a digital service, refunds will not be allowed. Refund will only be issued if you made this purchase on accident, it must be requested within 1 hour of making the purchase.
  • Delivery policy — Customers are invited to the discord server as soon as they make their purchase, automatically.
  • Cancellation policy — Customers are allowed to cancel their subscription anytime they would like. They can go back to the launchpass email they receive when signing up and unsubscribe from there. They can also email [email protected] to request cancellations. There's no commitments, or contracts. Feel free to cancel whenever you like.
  • Privacy policy — all our customers data and information is safe and will not be shared with a third party company, ever.


  • If you have any issues or any questions about your purchase feel free to email us at [email protected]. We usually respond back within 24-48 hours. You can also dm us on Twitter @NYCAlert_ or Instagram @NYCAlert for a faster response.
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