Jeff Howard


I’m Jeff Howard founder of WhereToBot and HotelsNearTransit. I have been an SEO consultant since 2008.

Why I'm a Destination SEO Expert.

I've written an ebook on SEO growth strategies destinations.

In 2018 I ranked and organized over 500 destinations by search engine performance, creating one of the largest resources for destination marketers to learn more about SEO.

I own and operate two destination websites in D.C. and NYC that have generated over $20 million in hotel booking revenue through white-hat search engine optimization. I’ve used my skills as an SEO to become one of the highest converting sources of traffic for TripAdvisor, Marriott, Choice Hotels, and HotelsCombined.

Why SEO is Vital to Destinations

Destination websites depend on free traffic from search engines, particularly Google, to supply on average 70% of all incoming visitors (according to WhereToBot's destination SEO study conducted in May 2018).

What I'm Offering

I’m offering 24/7 access to my expertise through this private Slack Group. By signing up for $49.99 / month you can receive advice on any SEO issue facing your destination.

Here is why you should sign-up:

  • Get answers to SEO questions within 24hrs.
  • Only destinations can access this Slack Group.
  • Get routine updates about SEO changes that impact destinations.
  • Get a 2nd opinion if your team is having an internal debate about nagging SEO issues.
  • Get a 2nd opinion on recommendations from your SEO agency.
  • Get a 2nd opinion on website changes and how this may impact SEO.
  • Learn the short-cuts and tools I use to solve SEO problems fast.
  • I'll share with you the best resources that help you learn and grown SEO traffic fast.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you can access an expert if something funny is happening with search engine traffic.

My Greatest SEO Accomplishments

I grew the non-profit Adopt-a-Pet.com from 300K visitors per month to over 4 million using SEO. Adopt-a-Pet.com has secured funding from key corporate sponsors employing nearly 15 people as a result of my SEO work. Most importantly, it has enabled thousands upon thousands of homeless pets to get exposure and find a home.

My family depends on my destination websites powered by SEO to pay for our mortgage, healthcare, and nearly every expense. To say I live and breathe SEO is an understatement.


Until the day Google releases the search algorithm to the public the only credible SEO advice is from those of us who are testing and experimenting every day.

My network of SEO consultants is deep. If faced with a particularly challenging SEO issue I will reference my internal channels for additional advice to be sure we examine all aspects of your issue.

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