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We're a community sharing insights & updates about everything AI, Data Science, and Psychology. Join Our Slack Channel, The Minhaaj Podcast.

You'll be joining a group of vetted marketplace enthusiasts, domain experts, and leaders. Our domain experts discuss technology, share top-notch content, and help members in the group every step of their journey. The community is set up to help you easily find the most relevant resources, interact with other members, and get help. Some of our conversations are specific to topics, like Landing a DS job, Machine learning Algorithms, Deep Neural Networks, and Advanced Courses in Computational Modeling using R and Python.

Prominent Guests include:

  • Chanin Nentasamant, Professor of Bioinformatics and YouTube teacher at 'Data Professor'.
  • Boris Konrad, 4x Guinness Book Memory World Record holder, and Ph.D. in Neuroscientist.
  • Doug Laney, ex-VP Gartner, Author of 'Infonomics'.
  • Greg Coquillo, Project Manager at Amazon and LinkedIn Top Voice for Data Science
  • Jason Mayes, Developer Advocate for TensorFlow JS at Google
  • Josh Starmer, CEO of StatQuest and YouTube Influencer on Machine Learning and Data Science.
  • Luis Serrano, Quantum Computing Scientist at Zapata Computing, ex-Google, ex-Apple, and Head of Content at Udacity.
  • Marko Sarstedt, Chair Marketing at Otto-von-Guerick University, Germany, Highly Cited Author on Marketing.
  • Okan Bulut, Professor of Educational Psychology at Alberta University and ex-Psychometrician at Pearson.

and more.

You will have:

  • The opportunity to book a one-on-one session with industry leaders and domain experts.
  • Get exclusive discounts on books written by guests.
  • Join highly curated customized boot camps and workshops with quality materials.
  • News about upcoming events and developments in the field.
  • Occasional giveaways and other freebies.

Feel free to share topics of interest with the community, exchange knowledge and add value. We encourage all of you to be active and supportive of all members and help each other grow. To get the latest updates and notifications about upcoming guests on the podcast follow our Youtube Channel. You can also visit my website at

Thank You and Wishing You a Wonderful Journey!

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