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Introducing a new Redis Community Slack - a public slack built to enable Redis community building and collaboration. Our goal is to build a centralised place to give everyone the opportunity to become a more informed and engaged member of the Redis community. It’s a great opportunity for you to interact with like-minded people to exchange ideas and even receive a direct line of communication with the Redis Labs team.

We have users joining us from all over the world to interact on various Redis Open source and enterprise products and keep themselves abreast of discussion by joining channels like #announcements, #redis, #redis-cloud, #redisai and #modules. So whether you're looking out for writing simple Redis modules or even just trying to find solutions to painful issues or trying to find the latest Meetups happening in your local city, Redis Community Slack can be a great place for your queries, solutions and community collaboration.

Do check out our Redis Community Forum - It's public forum open for all Redis users from OSS to Enterprise from your Development system to the Cloud. Here you can discuss questions and explore current design patterns and best practices about Redis.

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