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Running Alpha Introduces:

Capital Market Trends decodes subtle, unseen, and time-relevant long and short range changes in investor perception biases ( both human and machine ) that are powering disruptive shifts in social mood -- underlying emergent mega trends in global financial markets.

These insights enable our algorithms to identify when stock market transactions will get broadcast and amplified through the marketplace, creating high-impact social activity that Ignites the Next Big Idea.

  • Each security offers: Market Instrument, Trading Symbol, High Conviction Directional Bias, and when applicable, Opening and Closing Times of the Bullish or Bearish Opportunity Windows, Activation Levels I and II (when triggered above or below a specified price, it indicates whether Target 1 or Target 2 will come into play), as well as interim proprietary overhead resistance and base-line support zones.

Are You Having Trouble Finding a Steady Stream of High-Impact Investment Ideas that will Move the Needle?

This is where Capital Market Trends comes in! Efrem Hoffman, CEO & Founder of Running Alpha Investments Inc. passionately believes that to move the needle and produce super-human portfolio performance, you need forward decision-making that sees in all directions.

To address this need,

Capital Market Trends is designed for elevating your game from simply seeing how today's global investor audience reacts to past outcomes and feels about tomorrow, to putting price boundaries around future events and opportunities that can make you money, save you valuable time, and protect your wealth from unknown market threats.

We have greatly enhanced how we are delivering these actionable trading and investment ideas to our listeners – we are using the Slack Communication Platform, a secure real-time mobile and desktop communications channel for keeping you in the loop on impending opportunities and rapidly changing market conditions.

We help value investors drastically lower their risk by avoiding value traps – i.e. investments in areas that are unlikely to attract broad-scale investor recognition of the true market value, within a reasonable timeline). In other words, we help value investors filter out dead money investments, and replace them with value opportunities that are just beginning to enter the sweet spot of bullish investor interest.

We also assist growth investors and active equity traders in maximizing the efficient use of their capital with the least amount of anxiety.

Our key performance metric for measuring success is what separates us from our industry peers; namely Comfort-Adjusted Returns ™.

That means going beyond tracking value based on simply calculating return on investment, but also factoring into the equation how well our market intelligence strategy can avoid investing in areas that do not offer you transparency into why we generated the out-performance.

This is important, because without visibility into the performance drivers, you cannot build trust in the strategic outcomes, and without trust, it is extremely difficult for even the most seasoned investors to avoid emotional errors from getting the best of them during times of heightened uncertainty and extreme volatility.

To that end, our vision is to exploit uncertainty for minimizing investor biases that block us from shrinking the gap between realized investor returns and reported market performance.

How Running Alpha’s Technology solution for Hunting Down Global Stock Market Opportunities is Different?

Going beyond analyzing how cycles in price (outputs of human decision-making) and fundamentals of supply and demand for money, and goods & services move prices,

Running Alpha applies a forensic analysis of sentiment feedback cycles impacting price; by homing in on supply and demand imbalances in Human and Machine Perceptions of forward-looking market valuation and momentum trends (decision-making inputs),

that will be giving our priority list of stocks a persistent tail-wind across a wide spectrum of time-lines --

-- including intra/inter-day intervals to inter-week, and intra/inter-month intervals, all within the context of larger-scale secular longer term trends.

Running Alpha employs proprietary Quantum Machine Intelligence Algorithms for:

Plugging into the physics of how these human and machine perception biases will be interacting when investors find themselves in emergency situations -- on the wrong side of the trade.

The investment research framework is designed for shining light onto the corners of the marketplace that will be most responsive to sentiment-moving events; those amplifying the impact of good news on investor returns, and lessening the effect that negative market information has on forward market prices, relative to your alternative equity investment choices.

We are essentially making three high probability predictions:

when a particular stock will be attracting the most eyeballs in the very near future; and

to what degree these eyeballs will be magnifying or modifying the marketplace sentiment; and

the time span (duration) of active investor interest in a given equity – i.e. how long human and machine attention patterns will be remaining in play before they start exerting the anticipated impact on asset price and volatility behavior.

Knowledge of this time window is highly beneficial to value investors in so far as it unlocks insight into not only:

the optimal time frames day traders and longer term investors can use to avoid market noise; but also

tells you how far out the market is discounting information into the future.

This can better help value investors in properly assessing forward changes in price multiple expansion or contraction, which are key determinants for making a correct valuation call, and profiting from it.

By analyzing complex supply and demand interactions between human and machine market players, we are better positioned to deliver early insight into:

(1) when aggressive buyers or sellers will be coming into a stock; and impacting forward price, volatility, and liquidity trends, as well as:

(2) the most actionable ways for best expressing emerging mega-trends in USA and global equities; with a strong focus on Exponential Technologies: Industrial Automation & Business Intelligence; Electrification and Clean Energy; Consumer Life-Style and Health Trends; and Hard Assets, including Precious Metals.

About Running Alpha -- the Innovation Think-Tank Powering Capital Market Trends

Running Alpha Inc. offers Investment Intelligence built to last, with subscription services and strategies designed for delivering outcomes that really matter to your financial health; Your Investment Portfolio; and Your Client Ecosystem!

With a global coverage universe of opportunities, far-reaching expertise, and extensive capabilities across major asset classes and machine intelligence technologies, we are well placed to augment the outcomes of all types of decision-makers -- from the novice to the most discerning investor -- in all market environments.


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This is not investment advice. Although Efrem provides macro-market and equity-focused consulting services to sophisticated alternative asset managers and boutique research advisories in Canada and Abroad, Neither Efrem Hoffman nor Running Alpha is a registered investment advisor. Under no circumstances should any content from this e-Mail and/or its website link(s) be used or interpreted as a recommendation for any investment or trading approach to the markets. Trading and investing can be hazardous to your wealth. Any investment decisions must in all cases be made by the reader or by his or her registered investment advisor. This is strictly for educational and informational purposes – and only reflects the output of Running Alpha’s Market Intelligence. Mr. Hoffman and/or Running Alpha may have numerous positions within the market at any given time that are not disclosed of at the time of publication. All opinions expressed by Mr. Hoffman and/or Running Alpha are subject to change without notice, and you should always obtain current information and perform the appropriate due diligence before making any investment or trading decision.

All efforts are made to ensure that the information contained within the Running Alpha site is factual and accurate – however, neither Mr. Hoffman nor Running Alpha, under any circumstances, can guarantee its accuracy or those of its underlying sources.

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