What is SideKick Traders Discord group all about?

One the most popular features in our service is our '1-and-done' options trade.We are taking and 'alerting' a single options trade a day at the market open! We are done by 10am ET and enjoy the rest of the day!This single trade a day has a 90% win rate! We live stream (on Zoom) the trade as we execute it. People choose to trade the options or the underlying stock based on the analysis.

Our members come up with all the ideas and we provide the premium scanning, live streaming, education and news tools for you! You will also find an extensive library of the best stock trading education available.We focus on:

  • Algo bot alerts (that work WELL!) many of our members are making BANK playing options on these awesome alerts! You will be notified when a new alert comes out and YOU decide how you want to manage the trade. The alerts are based on unusual options activity and technical momentum indicators.
  • Live streaming options gap trading at the open. This strategy is PERFECT for people looking to take a single quick trade a day at the open and make 10% - 30% in minutes. Basically, we look for stocks that gap up or down 1-2%. If a stock opens higher than close we short it. If it opens lower than it closed the previous day - we go long.
  • Stock and Options Alerts (members and mods). Our members are subscribed to dozens of stock alerts services. We post about everything others are looking at and come up with our own trades based on a plethora of information! One service to RULE them all!

If you ever thought about joining one of the well-known stock alerts services - you NEED to join this service to hear REAL MEMBER stories about their experiences etc. We have a thriving community of excellent traders all helping out.Our members discuss a lot of the premium stock alerts services so that you can make an informed decision if you want to join any of them!The goal is to build a community of traders and trade together at the market open - done and dusted by 10am!


Real testimonials. Email me at [email protected] if you would like to be put in contact with any of the guys below. Think we are a scam? Come and join our FREE Facebook group and meet people that are in the premium service. We discuss everything from stock alerts services to individual trades.

_'I’m a nurse and nurse practitioner and have only been retail trading since March.Months later I found the FB group and then a discord member. I have learned so much information on a small amount of time. Russell and I even spoke through messenger lateOne night as he was giving me a tutorial on VWAP, red and green candles. I still don’t know as much as I need to know but everyday is something new. You’ll find that under Education and Video Links in the discord.The discord is a wealth of information. I found my niche right now using the lux enigma alerts , member positions , and seeking selling premium alerts. I also find the post under “general chat” is so often about stocks that are gapping up or down , or who in the discord just a position in a certain stock. Just look up ticker ACY for today. So many people made money off that today. There are people on the discord that I don’t even know who they are of or their name r in the FB group that have so much knowledge their putting out there. Malcolm, Josh, Matt , ZZer00, Shawn are only a few but there are so many ... oh and theirs Russell amd Marian who put a lot of work into getting this off the ground.Feel free to message me with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you in the discord, give it a try!!' - _Brice

_' Discord trade..... I entered LYFT calls at about 7:00 am est, out 4 hours later with a 100% gain!!! to be fair the alert was yesterday at $40, but I took it today... Russell Barbour for President!!! If you have not joined the discord you are missing out.. I just made $1680 today in 4 hours on my first Bot trade... ' _- John

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