Taiki Maeda

Welcome to the Humble Farmer Army! I spend an ungodly amount of time researching, forming theses, and sharing ideas about crypto and am proud to have built a strong, supportive community of people that believe in the future of crypto and DeFi.


  • Access to a community of >700 DeFi natives and farmers to bounce ideas off of. Hard to find a community that isn't a scamfest and seriously thinks about where the space is going. My expertise is in DeFi but I cover everything going on with the markets (Gaming, NFTs, infrastructure plays, etc).
  • Daily updates on Taiki's moves and market commentary. There's a lot of noise in crypto, and it can get overwhelming. I share interesting tweets, medium articles, podcasts, etc so you can have a bird's eye view on the markets without being glued to the screen.
  • Weekly Livestreams and 2 Private weekly videos (typically 40-60min long) that will offer farming opportunities, research reports, market commentary, as well as full transparency on Taiki's farming moves and portfolio changes.

I believe most of the value from the membership will be in the weekly videos as well as the daily updates I'll be sharing in the discord. To get the most out of it, I encourage everyone to be active in the community!

Keep in mind that because you will receive access to all of the above as soon as you sign up, there will be NO REFUNDS since people will just abuse the system. You can cancel any time. Currently, crypto payment options are unavailable.


I argue that the best way to learn about DeFi is by having "skin in the game" and actually using DeFi yourself. Farming will give you a better understanding of how tokenomics affect price and what gives ecosystems/protocols value. Seasoned farmers can use this Discord group as a resource to improve their portfolio construction and be early in emerging farms. Taiki's research and insights will give you an edge by having access to more information than the market.

This is not a "get rich quick" group. It's a way to meet other serious farmers and also get insight from how I navigate the markets. It may be helpful for those with busy lives that want to outsource some research to a full-time DeFi user (Taiki) to help you form your own theses, conviction, or ideas.


I am a graduate of UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Business, finishing at the top of my class in Marketing. Post-graduation, I played online poker professionally, allowing me to build a good base of game theory, expected value, and first principles thinking. I am currently a full-time humble yield farmer, earning income through DeFi protocols (stablecoin & volatile farms). I run a DeFi YouTube channel and am proud to have done zero paid shills and made $0 from YT ads.

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