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You will learn how to trade Basic Stocks & Options all the way to an advanced High Probability Option Trading Strategy, used by actual floor traders! (each session recorded and viewable later)

We'll teach you in-depth:

  • A High Probability Option Selling Strategy
  • Defined Risk Trading
  • Identifying Trades
  • Executing Trades
  • Risk & Portfolio Management
  • How to Develop Your Own Trading Plan

You'll also have access to my trading room and see what I do month after month. I'll walk you step-by-step, how to sell option premiums, using my own account.

Watch how to:

  • Identify ideal, high probability trade set-ups
  • how to enter and exit trades for a profit
  • And, how to adjust losing trades into winning trades! All this with a target of achieving 5-10% return a month.

In addition, you'll get:

  • Trade ideas & Market Analysis
  • Access to our chatrooms where you can talk to other like-minded traders
  • The ability to send in your own trade ideas for us to analyze
  • Access to numerous trading resources

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