Dynamic Butterfly Spreads for Income

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Dynamic Butterfly Spread Strategy Course

  • What is a Butterfly Spread?
  • Understanding Butterfly Spreads
  • Top Symbols for trading Butterfly Spreads
  • Butterfly Spreads Best Practices
  • Strategy #1 - Delta Neutral Butterfly
  • Strategy #2 - Directional Butterfly
  • Strategy #3 - Broken-wing Butterfly
  • Strategy #4 - Big Beak Woodpecker
  • Strategy #5 - Small Beak Woodpecker
  • Strategy #6 - Flat Head Woodpecker
  • Step-by-step trade setup criteria
  • How to ENTER each trade
  • How to EXIT each trade
  • Trade Adjustments - How to reduce risk and turn losing trades into winners!

Butterfly Spread Trade Alerts

  • Exact trade ENTRIES
  • Exact trade EXITS

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