The China Incubator

by GoldenElms

What We Do

The China Incubator (“TCI”) is a platform for people to learn, connect, and share about China. The platform was created to enhance peoples' practical understanding of the second largest economy in the world, with the ultimate goal of empowering individuals to better cooperate with Chinese in their personal and professional lives.

TCI was started around the belief that the relationship between China and the U.S. is the most important relationship in the 21st century and cooperation is the key foundation, that all begins with mutual understanding.

All of us, whether we're public servants, business professionals or global citizens, are impacted by China on some level. Yet there is a huge gap in our practical knowledge of China, which puts each of us at a disadvantage when dealing with Chinese counterparts, and the world on less stable footing.

To address this, we created an online community for us to grow our understanding as a group, to then take into our personal daily and professional lives.


The China Incubator is a blog and online Slack community.

Inside the community, we will share news, experiences, general commentary on China. Our hope is through dialogue, people will form relationships will one another and develop a more comprehensive understanding of China and its people.

Most resources related to China are either the media or high-level consultants. Both are either difficult to interpret or expensive. Our community, distributed freely online, hopes to bring these barriers down.

We also recognize that "sinophiles" - people who have committed their lives to China, are geographically spread out. There isn't a "go to" source online, or offline, for us to come together.

TCI was created to address these challenges and bring together people from all backgrounds and disciplines who want to grow in their understanding of China.

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