Jason Freshly

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Community!

The community is built and designed for the small business owner looking to get current & relevant information about their digital marketing efforts.

Here's the punch list of 'included' items:

  1. Access to a community of professionals looking for similar resources. This allows for peer to peer learning as well.
  2. Access to all the free channels within The Fresh Idea Group Agency Slack
  3. 1 - 30-minute presentations/talks from Jason Freshly (owner of agency) about marketing. Topics cover a wide range that are suggestions from the community to making sense of new changes as they happen.
  4. Monthly AMA - I'll host a 30-minute zoom call that anyone can join to ask me anything about marketing. I'll also use content from the group to spur conversation.

All videos will be accessible while you're a member of the group if you miss one or want to go back and re-watch something.

Still have questions? Email me and let me know what they are - [email protected]

Ready to join us? Awesome - you can sign up today. The free trial I offer is 2 weeks long before your first payment.

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