Jason Freshly

Welcome to The Fresh Idea Group Mastermind Community

As a member of our Mastermind Community, you'll not only have access to all free and paid channels within our Slack team, you'll be part of a smaller group of individuals who are ready to accelerate their digital marketing efforts and make waves in the world.

Within this group, you'll have answers to your questions within 1 business day by the agency team. We'll host a monthly AMA. Additional tips, tricks, and breaking marketing news delivered to you first.

This community also allows you the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 hour long coaching session via zoom video conference with Jason Freshly (agency owner) where:

  1. We'll review your data, content, engagement, etc. on all digital assets
  2. We'll set goals month-to-month to hold you accountable in succeeding
  3. You'll have your specific questions answered as they pertain to your business
  4. Videos will be recorded and sent you within 1 business day

This group of professionals will be limited to 20 members at a time (grab a spot before you have to join a wait-list). Ready to kick your marketing into high gear? Let's get started!


Send me an email and let's chat! [email protected]

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$199.00 USD per month (automatic recurring payments)