Welcome Friends,

Very blessed to have you here and looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you. As a request from my followers 6.5k https://stocktwits.com/DarmeshPatell followers on Stock Twits before my account was breached, I created this channel. We have many intelligent traders in the room that share knowledge to help us all grow. We will all share ideas, thoughts and look for opportunities. As requested by room members, I need to charge a very low, two cup of coffee, charge a month to keep the people who are not serious about learning out of the room. We tried it both ways and the feedback and quality is better now. If you are serious, this is the place for you. I now have 15 open spots left in the active 200 person room. Once it is full and I am capping it at a small limit.

I seek to educate and empower both new and experienced traders to develop all aspects of the trading craft. I want to help our members develop into well rounded traders who can read charts, identify entries and exits, manage risk, and perform due diligence to create winning trades for themselves. Some “trading alert” services make their members reliant on the moderators to do their thinking for them. This is not the approach I take; I want you to follow along, so you can become a world-class trader yourself.

I will alert you of my entries of my trades, but more importantly I along with others will help you identify potential runners before the masses and help you learn to find them.

Together we will find and create momentum, being the leader and not the followers

Questions [email protected]

Once you join, lets discuss your trading goals.


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