Mina Elias | Trivium Group

Trivium Tribe is a paid Slack consulting group. You will get in there and get access to me, all of the Trivium Team, our consultants, and experts from our partners (like Kian Golzari)

▪️ You will be able to ask us questions any time and get answers

▪️ You will get access to all of our sheets, templates, SOPs, training videos

▪️ You will have access to vetted experts in every category: sourcing, inspections, PPC, DSP, listing images etc

▪️ You will get updates on all of our new findings as we continue to test and innovate

The cost to join is $200/month. Consulting made affordable.

This is perfectly fit for business owners who need guidance, need to ask questions to people who understand Amazon, but just cannot afford an agency or to constantly pay consultants.

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$200.00 USD per month (automatic recurring payments)
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